Thursday, January 29, 2009

How hot is it?

Hi girls,
Nothing to show you in this heat, because my brain has fried, its so hot! Although that could be interesting to see if I could get a camera in there....LOL
Every time I sat at the table yesterday, the coolest spot in the house too, I looked at the scrapping stuff and just stared into space. I so wanted to move the bed into the dining room LOL, Not enough room, trust me, or I would have done it heehehehehe

Here in Adelaide we are expecting a top of 44 again today, and probably for the rest of the week I reckon. The fireys are on major alert, as they are in Victoria also, and expecting similar heat for the week. Victoria though has the nasty hot winds, so I hope and pray no fires start in either place. Water is rationed too much as it is now, imagine the stronger rationing after they've had to use so much more of it to drop it on bushfires. So I ask everyone that reads this to please send out all your good energy, in whatever form you do it, prayer, meditations, etc.... send it out to keep us safe from bushfires starting during this heatwave and beyond.

Back to my whinging now though, you know I have to.... How hot is it??
Its so hot that even with the airconditioning on, it is still too hot!

How hot is it???
Its so hot that I found my cat floating and doggy paddling in the pool, so obviously I rescued her and plucked her out. But as soon as I put her down on the grass, she jumped back in!!

Actually we dont have any green grass in this heat, nor do we have a pool ROFL but it sounded good didnt it. And I know, I cheated, they said this one on sunrise this morning except with a lizard.
Come on then lovely ladies, fill our days with smiles with a few How hot is it?? jokes..... LOL

Ok, now back to my whinging about the heat here and our tiny little airconditioner LOL.
(I know, be thankful you have an airconditioner....) It really only works well if you can shut a door in a smaller space basically, its not strong enough to keep an open style house cool. But at least we have one, its cool when I sit in the best seat in the house, or stand behind that seat still, and it does cool the house to the stage where the dining room is cool, and the lounge room is a little bit cooler than it was, but you still sit there struggling for breathe LOL. In other words, who ever decided to take out the doors from the kitchen/dining and turn them into arches so we couldnt shut it off to help it cool up to the bedrooms, was crazy. Trust me, Im not exxaggerating when I say the air struggles to filter through to the lounge as it is, and it doesnt really filter through at all from the semi cooled kitchen to the sunroom where the computer is. The only time you even notice a little of the cool in the hallway is when you step out of the steaming hot bedrooms into the hall LOL and thats when the doors have been left open. When we close off the hall, which I do during the day on days like this, and then I will be putting a little cold water in the tub today to step into occassionally, as that helps me to stay cool too. I just didnt do it yesterday as I was worried that kittypuss would jump in and drown. Now Ive worked out that Im smart enough to shut the bathroom door after I leave it LOL. It will only be enough water to cover my feet though.
The frustration is that we are renting, and cant put in ceiling fans, and also this aircon used to work so much better when we got here. They wont fix it cos it is actually working, it just doesnt work as well as it used to anymore. It needs re-gassing, but since it works a little, the electrician says it is still "working". Now it would be easy to say if you arent happy then dont renew the lease, but we are happy with everything else, and besides, I am that unable to do things like packing and lifting with my chronic pain and stuffed back, when is hubby supposed to do it all when he works 6 days a week to keep us afloat?? I would be completely unmedicated if he had to drop down to 5 days pay, and to be perfectly honest, if I was unmedicated, I would be in the funny farm in a screaming heap rocking backwards and forwards in the corner. Besides, Im also Diabetic and on insulin as well as tablets, so if we couldnt afford the medications, Id be in a terrible state. So nope, we cant move unless we win lotto ROFL

Ok, thats enough whinging, this heat has already fried my brain, its probably nearly 40 already and its only 9.30am and my fingers are sticking to the mouse and cant even think to type properly LOL so I am off to cool myself down a little somehow, and look at my scrap papers some more LOL. You never know, I might even be able to unscramble the brain enough to scrap! Hope so......
TATA for now my little lovelies
lots and lots of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Oh you poor darls ,I dont think any amount of air con would work in that heat lets just pray for some rain and a cool change for you ...doing a rain dance now for you .... dont look its awlful

  2. I'm hearing ya!! Mt Gambier is always cooler than else where in the state but we have been in the 40s too..beautiful cool breeze coming through the window this morning...Thank God

  3. I know how you are feeling Julie I'm in Melbourne and I also have one of those houses with no doors to seperate the rooms.. going into the bedroom is a nightmare. we only have one of those air cons that you need to sit in one spot only to feel it... It's working today because it's not that hot and I'm not turning it off. I have a little challenge for you over at my blog if ya wanna come and see..
    xo Rach xo

  4. you poor can whinge as much as you inlaws live there..must get dh to check if they are ok...not goo is it...anyhows...left a challenge for you over at my

  5. hey chicky... hope you haven't melted into a pile of goop! LOL

    I left a little challenge for you in my blog ;o)

    Luv Kirsti xoxox

  6. you are a funny lady!!! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Chat soon