Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello From Me

Im sorry I havent posted for a week now, that is shocking isnt it! I have had a very busy week with a migraine at the start of it and a few other problems there to annoy me as well. LOL. I also had a fantastic afternoon babysitting my grandchilluns on Sat. Thankfully my middle son had free time, so he came up to visit with me. Scott is landscaping his yard and Jules was out on a shopping expedition with a girlfriend, so they had asked me to come up and watch the chilluns for Scott so he could get dirty with the cement etc and not worry. We had a fantastic time, and I am very thankful for Ash coming up with me, as its very hard being in two places at once when you are still feeling a little weak (to say the least). It was an absolute pleasure though, and I forgot my camera so I have a few pretties on my phone. I still need to check how good they worked out, being a lesser pixels etc though, LOL.
I will have to share them later as for some reason this Blogger isnt working properly this morning. I have no way of changing the font, colour or adding pictures..... "sob sob"

I also have a wonderful page to show you, but that still has to wait and... Im teasing now arent I heheheheee. No, I will be nice and go put it on the Tear Bears website gallery for you. But you will have to wait for what I really wanted to do this morning, since pictures arent able to be uploaded to my blog today for some reason.
What I had planned for today was to share with you a small array of my own sketching, which is not scrapbook sketches, but artistic sketching with pencils as I am also an artist. I had finally built the courage to share some of my favourites with you, and alas, no photo adding section to be found. I have still got to work out if its my site only or if the blogger site has a problem today. Hope its them, cos it will be fixed much easier then if it is their problem ROFL
Allright, enough waffles for now, Im off to have brekky and answer emails and check out my favourite forum LOL
hugsssssssssss for all that stop by, and I promise I will try to get it working as soon as I can.
Lots a love, Julie.


  1. ooh I love the suspense. Can't wait to see your beautiful art you have to share with

  2. remember camera goes in car before anything else even to the supermarket you never know when the perfect shot will appear
    hop over to my blog I have a little surprise for you oxo