Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Isnt it nap time yet?

Hi Girls!
Well, after much fuss, lots of sighs, a bit of swearing, and probably half a pack of smokes, hubby got the virus out of the computer, all fixed and put everything back together again, well most of it anyway! LOL We are not quite back to normal yet, cos number 2 son still has to install Photoshop back in for me so I can play with my photos and show you what I have done! LOL

One of the Christmas presents I was given is a heat tool and I have had fun playing with it practicing. It is so much easier than walking over to the toaster trying not to spill the powder *L*
Also the added advantage of not burning my fingers is pretty wonderful too actually LOL

I then played with Traceys challenge with the red and teal, which I am very happy with, and put a couple of embossed butterflies on it to finish.
I will hopefully be able to show you this tomorrow, so be patient *giggles*
Thats it for now, I think I seriously do need a little nap, my brains falling out of my head *giggles*
Until tomorrow......


  1. Good on you Julie. Am now following your blog so I will keep up with what you are posting!! Keep well girlfriend
    ps. I run some fun things on my blog if you want to drop on by sometime :-)

  2. Hi darl left you a present on my blog .love reading your posts .Take care Janine xx

  3. Ya gotta hate those bloomin viruses I had one last year and its such a pain reloading everything again.. aarrggg... I hope you eventially got to have your nap Julie sounds like you needed it. xo Rach xo

  4. Glad you got it all sorted..great to see you back! Xj