Thursday, January 22, 2009

More of my Drawings

Just so you dont think Im really teasing LOL I have found the disks the pictures were backed up to, so I can put some more of them on for you LOL. The hard thing is you have to put up with seeing MY favourites, which may not necessarily be yours. But still, Im sure that doesnt matter.

This one is a Gnome that appeared as I was daydreaming outside one day. He seemed to pop out of the cement in around a dried mud puddle. He was just begging to be drawn he was LOL

I do hope you do truly believe in faeries, for I really do. They don't often appear in full form though like so many humans believe. They sometimes just leave what I have come to call
"faery imprints" such as the gnome above, and the faery below. This is basically where one
has traveled through, touched the plants or ground long enough to leave a
"photographic" image on what they leaned on or spent time healing etc. They do this purely for the benefit of us humans that need to see to believe. This little cutey is a little smaller than A4 sized, and I cant
remember the story behind her,
I only remember waking up and needing to draw,
and doing this in just 15 minutes.

Pictures like this one below are also in my future plans of playing with in photoshop, and colourising, then printing as a photograph for scrapping LOL. This is so I have a book of
those wonderful pleasure filled memories for m
e to read when Im old and to help me tell
fairy tales to my great grea
t great grandchildren LOL

This next one is a copy of and inspired by one of the most awesome artists of today
in my opinion; Froud of the famous Froud faeries. I so love his work!

He is so very special and he most certainly has Faery vision!

I wouldnt mind betting the little faery folk actually come up
and model for him ROFL

I also have a strong love of spiritual and saintly drawings - not for any specific religious reasons, its just that I love the works of the great masters, Leanorda Da Vinci and Michelangelo. So I have felt inspired by them and regularly pick up my pencils to draw in this similar style. Perhaps one day I can do more than dream to be as good as them.... perhaps.... This next one is a delicate waif like young lady, still in 2B but on larger paper than the others. This is one from my A3 sketch book. One day I will paint her.

Another from the A3 book. This next one is partially coloured to accentuate
certain points. I colourised her eyes and lips to accentuate her beauty,
and the energy around her to show the "halo" effect.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your little glimpse of me. There is much more, but obviously I cant put them all up as this is supposed to be a scrapping blog LOL. Besides, I am stil supposed to be sorting out that mess in the dining area that my scrapping has taken over hehehehehehehe
I will try to put some more up another day for you though.
Back to the sorting, actually Im not going too badly doing it, I really thought it would take a lot longer than it is. I thought it would be much harder too. I wonder if Ive put some more things somewhere else and forgotten where they are....shhhhhh......I hope thats not what has hapenned ROFLMAO ohhmaaaaaaa now that could be hard to explain if I need a second cupboard for them LOL. I am also intending to share the pics of it, just for you, cos it might inspire you LOL

Hope you are all having a wonderful day,


  1. Gorgeous sketches Julie and I can tell you are very passionate about your art. It's such a lovely thing to share with all of

  2. Your art work is stunning Julie.....thank you so much for shareing your beautiful sketches oxo

  3. Gorgeous Julie,,I like to draw also,,just never seem to get the time..Must start again!