Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some Awesome Artists to Inspire us!

Just realised I hadnt posted this, haha
I did write it on the 5th July... oops!

As many of my friends know, I am an artist. I also love many other artists work that I happen to find along my travels on Facebook etc.
So not in any particular order, I have found some special ones in the last couple of days that I would love to share.

Firstly, IRIS GRACE! This little darling will be famous and a name in history if she wants to be. This absolutely awe inspiring young girl that is being shared around facebook at the moment! She is a cute little 3 year old who happens to also be Autistic. She cannot communicate verbally, but has taken to a paint brush like a Master! Her work is so beautiful, and I ask that you go see her website

She can also be found on Facebook, or should say her devoted mothers hard work page can be found, and her artwork is for sale to raise funds for Autism Awareness and for her own medical help.
Her Facebook page is here.

A surrealist fantasy artist. I really love his work too, it would be similar to what I would do if I was able to do it of course :-)

Something to do!

Blog above has fantastic ideas if you are bored.

Well, just had my carpal tunnel operation on my left hand, but Im a lefty so its a pain for me too.
Its day 3, a bit better than yesterday, that was a shocker!
Cant type a lot, so awkward, only using one hand is really hard and painful, so wont be doing much this month.
Very draining...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Gorgeous little crocheted baby Owls!

Look at these little darlings!
Yes I want to make them and I want to do it now! LOL
But it has to wait as my hand op is on Tuesday, and crochet isnt really a one handed thing. So it will have to wait until it heals.
Look forward to it so much though!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Its July Already!

Well, that half a year went way too fast!
Im struggling to type at the moment, with my arthritis in both hands playing up and carpal tunnel sending pains down my arms as well, it wont be a long post.
Im having my left hand carpal tunnel operation done in 5 days, so hopefully my writing will be able to get back up to speed in about a month, I really hope so!
I have been wanting to get back into regular writing for a while, but its hard to do when I then struggle to ignore the pain. The aching now is almost too much to bear already, so of course my book writing isnt being touched at all lately. Hard to get into at all. I dont speak clearly enough for those voice activitated programs either, so no that wont work for a book. It just had to go on hold for a while.
I will be back into it soon enough, Im sure!
Hopefully I can get on to it nice and fast after the operation is over! Yipppeeeee!
Ok, no sparkle here today, my get up and go, got up and left a few weeks ago really, and its stayed hiding. So Im off for a pre lunchtime nap now, so hopefully I dont sleep until dinner time like I did yesterday!
I will be back when I can.....
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