Monday, March 2, 2009

Its Autumn finally!

A big hello to my wonderful scrapping/carding friends. It has been a while since I have been here and left a post.
I haven't been well again, but as many of us know, scrapbooking is wonderful therapy, especially as it helps me to block my mind from some of the pain, so I have still been doing some of that when I have been able to.
There has been so much going on around here, I have had many days just disappear while I played with photoshop. I have also nearly finished rearranging my scrapping area, and its still a bit of a mess, but its getting there!

Now that Autumn is here, I am hoping along with many others that the weather will cool down quite a bit. I am an Autumn person, not a Summer. LOL

Anyway, I have a few finished pages to show you, so here they are...

This is my second ever digi layout.
Its my darling granddaughter at her 3rd birthday party last December.
She adored her new baby I gave her, and carried it around for most of the party.
She knows how to make nanna happy doesnt she LOL
It seems to be taking an awful long time to upload, perhaps I should have shrunk it a bit? LOL
Ah well, I know for next time, keep something else to do while you are uploading big files or shrink them ROFL silly me......

This next one is a challenge for Ready Set Scrap.
It is a Negative space challenge by Janine from the RSS Design Team.
I absolutely love this, it would be my amongst my favourite of my own pages now.
It is my darling grandchildren, (my most photographed models LOL)
I used natural cardstocks with flecks of other shades in them, but it isnt noticeable.
The flowers are mainly Primas, along with 2 chipboard flowers and 2 chipboard hearts.
I had a lot of fun doing this, and it fell together very quickly.

The next one is also a challenge for Ready Set Scrap.
It is a Quote challenge by Shell from the RSS Design Team.
The quote being - So Happy Are The Hearts That Love You.
I enjoyed this once I finally worked out which owl to use LOL as we had to add an owl, and focus on handcutting. So I played for about a week making up lots of owl designs, finally settling on the one I used. I may use the others eventually though, why waste a weeks designing? I handcut the tree too, and shaded it and the moon with chalk.

The next one is another challenge for Ready Set Scrap.
It is a Number challenge by Nat from the RSS Design Team.
We had to use 1 large photo, 2 circles, 3 PPs 4 staples, 5 different flowers, 6 inch title, 7 crosses and 8 buttons. I sewed most of it on too, just to challenge myself with something different.
I will probably add more flowers myself, as it needs more I believe.

The last one is also a challenge for Ready Set Scrap.
It is a Colour challenge by Tracey from the RSS Design Team.
We had to do a double layout, 2 photos, 2 words in the title, 2 sentences in the journalling and main colours of red, green and pink.
I chose to use ultra bright colouring and I am very happy with the end result, except the title is a bit unclear in the photo. It says Heaven Sent.

Thanks for looking, and if you got this far, sorry it was such a long one LOL No Im not really sorry, I just said that to be polite.... hehe
I am trying to get back into a blogging habit, so wish me luck, and hope to see you again soon!
lots a love,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My first digi layout!

Wellllllllll I cant find my late note,
and I know Ive been a bad bad girl
for not being in here for ummm
nearly 2 weeks.....
hanging my head in shame........

Actually, its cos cos partly cos ummmm
oh yeah, cos of the heatwave we had here,
it took away all my mojo, and also
cos this room where the computer is gets quite
hot so I just couldnt think when
I got here to give you guys any cheek to read!

But, now you can be afraid cos I am BACK!!

Ok, regaining my sense of composure and sanity, at least for a
little while enough to let you know what I have been doing.

Firstly, we are rearranging the dining area, well really its my
scrap area most of the time, and occasionally I clean it up
enough for us all to eat there together. LOL

But the scrapping gives me such pleasure, its the only thing
lately that really makes my soul sing.

Thats why hubby doesnt mind at all the mess I make.
Isnt he a sweety pie?

So we made a mess in another room and emptied out one of
those 2 dr linen presses, and its now in the dining room for me.
Now Im trying to organize my stuff slowly.
Its amazing how much I have forgotten Ive bought already.
Its good to go back through it again every now and then isnt it.

When I have had time or the inclination to sit at the computer, I have been reading lots and teaching myself how to finally do the digital scrapping on photoshop.
Its a case of (for me) repeating the tasks regularly, as thats the only way it sinks in to this old cotton wool filled brain ROFLMAO
So after all this waffling,
I guess I should show you my first piece of digi work.....

So, yes that was a lot of fun!
It was for a challenge on my Ready Set Scrap Forum, and we had to only use Black, white and red. It was finished when I realised in the poor light, I had thought the spots on the black paper were white.... they are actually pale purple.... hope Im forgiven LOL

Allright, off to do some more work....
look at the dishes or something... hehehe


Just a short little extra note,
I tried to keep the sad emotions out of my blog,
so I hadnt mentioned the Victorian bushfires yet.
I just couldnt close off without mentioning it at all.

I would like to just quickly say, my heart felt thanks to the Heroes in Victoria who are trying there hardest to save as many lives as possible, and risking their lives to do it...

My heart goes out for all the burn victims who will endure many many months of pain while they are healing, sometimes even wishing they hadnt made it through the flames.... be strong... know that you survived for a reason... gentle hugsssssss

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been devastated in any way, loss of loved ones, or loss of property, even those who are just like me, in another state and just feeling all the pain...
My deepest sympathies to all of us that have been touched by this shocking disaster.

Pictures are still floating around in my head, and I wish you all
love, light and speedy healing.

Thats all for now,
I have to go at least think about
some scrapping on my list LOL

lotsa love

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How hot is it?

Hi girls,
Nothing to show you in this heat, because my brain has fried, its so hot! Although that could be interesting to see if I could get a camera in there....LOL
Every time I sat at the table yesterday, the coolest spot in the house too, I looked at the scrapping stuff and just stared into space. I so wanted to move the bed into the dining room LOL, Not enough room, trust me, or I would have done it heehehehehe

Here in Adelaide we are expecting a top of 44 again today, and probably for the rest of the week I reckon. The fireys are on major alert, as they are in Victoria also, and expecting similar heat for the week. Victoria though has the nasty hot winds, so I hope and pray no fires start in either place. Water is rationed too much as it is now, imagine the stronger rationing after they've had to use so much more of it to drop it on bushfires. So I ask everyone that reads this to please send out all your good energy, in whatever form you do it, prayer, meditations, etc.... send it out to keep us safe from bushfires starting during this heatwave and beyond.

Back to my whinging now though, you know I have to.... How hot is it??
Its so hot that even with the airconditioning on, it is still too hot!

How hot is it???
Its so hot that I found my cat floating and doggy paddling in the pool, so obviously I rescued her and plucked her out. But as soon as I put her down on the grass, she jumped back in!!

Actually we dont have any green grass in this heat, nor do we have a pool ROFL but it sounded good didnt it. And I know, I cheated, they said this one on sunrise this morning except with a lizard.
Come on then lovely ladies, fill our days with smiles with a few How hot is it?? jokes..... LOL

Ok, now back to my whinging about the heat here and our tiny little airconditioner LOL.
(I know, be thankful you have an airconditioner....) It really only works well if you can shut a door in a smaller space basically, its not strong enough to keep an open style house cool. But at least we have one, its cool when I sit in the best seat in the house, or stand behind that seat still, and it does cool the house to the stage where the dining room is cool, and the lounge room is a little bit cooler than it was, but you still sit there struggling for breathe LOL. In other words, who ever decided to take out the doors from the kitchen/dining and turn them into arches so we couldnt shut it off to help it cool up to the bedrooms, was crazy. Trust me, Im not exxaggerating when I say the air struggles to filter through to the lounge as it is, and it doesnt really filter through at all from the semi cooled kitchen to the sunroom where the computer is. The only time you even notice a little of the cool in the hallway is when you step out of the steaming hot bedrooms into the hall LOL and thats when the doors have been left open. When we close off the hall, which I do during the day on days like this, and then I will be putting a little cold water in the tub today to step into occassionally, as that helps me to stay cool too. I just didnt do it yesterday as I was worried that kittypuss would jump in and drown. Now Ive worked out that Im smart enough to shut the bathroom door after I leave it LOL. It will only be enough water to cover my feet though.
The frustration is that we are renting, and cant put in ceiling fans, and also this aircon used to work so much better when we got here. They wont fix it cos it is actually working, it just doesnt work as well as it used to anymore. It needs re-gassing, but since it works a little, the electrician says it is still "working". Now it would be easy to say if you arent happy then dont renew the lease, but we are happy with everything else, and besides, I am that unable to do things like packing and lifting with my chronic pain and stuffed back, when is hubby supposed to do it all when he works 6 days a week to keep us afloat?? I would be completely unmedicated if he had to drop down to 5 days pay, and to be perfectly honest, if I was unmedicated, I would be in the funny farm in a screaming heap rocking backwards and forwards in the corner. Besides, Im also Diabetic and on insulin as well as tablets, so if we couldnt afford the medications, Id be in a terrible state. So nope, we cant move unless we win lotto ROFL

Ok, thats enough whinging, this heat has already fried my brain, its probably nearly 40 already and its only 9.30am and my fingers are sticking to the mouse and cant even think to type properly LOL so I am off to cool myself down a little somehow, and look at my scrap papers some more LOL. You never know, I might even be able to unscramble the brain enough to scrap! Hope so......
TATA for now my little lovelies
lots and lots of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yayyy its Saturday!!!

Im not really cheering, it was sarcasm actually LOL Saturday is food shopping day, even though I do go a few times a week to get extra stuff and more milk.
You see, I really do love supermarket shopping, but I also hate it as it causes me a lot of physical pain with the walking and lifting, and bending etc etc LOL
But I so dont want to give up my shopping rights, i mean, its what makes a girl a girl!
isnt it? hehehehe
So I shall put up with it for longer, and keep trying to ignore the pain, and pushing it to the back of my mind for yet another day...
Besides, honestly, if I let hubby do the shopping on his day off, I reckon the trolley would get so much more chocolate in it, dont deny it Mr LOL, you know its true, yes you doooo! hehe
He does most of the housework as it is though so really I would feel guilty making him do the shopping, and then Id never get out of this house except for lunch at mum and dads on Wednesdays . Im such a recluse LOL

Ah well, I guess I should get up and get organised to do it, I just wanted to post something in here so you didnt think I was being slack. hehehe
Im still sorting out the scrapping stuff, I do have to get and do something today, at least a birthday card or two LOL Its my neices birthday tomorrow and my sisters in a few more days, so we have a birthday lunch for them on Monday. 2 cards to make, so I will at least be doing something crafty later on today or tonight whether I want to or not! hmph! so take that mr lazy bones mojo *giggles*

Alright, enough waffling and procrastinating, I swear Ive looked at everyones blogs twice LOL
Love and hugsssss

Thursday, January 22, 2009

More of my Drawings

Just so you dont think Im really teasing LOL I have found the disks the pictures were backed up to, so I can put some more of them on for you LOL. The hard thing is you have to put up with seeing MY favourites, which may not necessarily be yours. But still, Im sure that doesnt matter.

This one is a Gnome that appeared as I was daydreaming outside one day. He seemed to pop out of the cement in around a dried mud puddle. He was just begging to be drawn he was LOL

I do hope you do truly believe in faeries, for I really do. They don't often appear in full form though like so many humans believe. They sometimes just leave what I have come to call
"faery imprints" such as the gnome above, and the faery below. This is basically where one
has traveled through, touched the plants or ground long enough to leave a
"photographic" image on what they leaned on or spent time healing etc. They do this purely for the benefit of us humans that need to see to believe. This little cutey is a little smaller than A4 sized, and I cant
remember the story behind her,
I only remember waking up and needing to draw,
and doing this in just 15 minutes.

Pictures like this one below are also in my future plans of playing with in photoshop, and colourising, then printing as a photograph for scrapping LOL. This is so I have a book of
those wonderful pleasure filled memories for m
e to read when Im old and to help me tell
fairy tales to my great grea
t great grandchildren LOL

This next one is a copy of and inspired by one of the most awesome artists of today
in my opinion; Froud of the famous Froud faeries. I so love his work!

He is so very special and he most certainly has Faery vision!

I wouldnt mind betting the little faery folk actually come up
and model for him ROFL

I also have a strong love of spiritual and saintly drawings - not for any specific religious reasons, its just that I love the works of the great masters, Leanorda Da Vinci and Michelangelo. So I have felt inspired by them and regularly pick up my pencils to draw in this similar style. Perhaps one day I can do more than dream to be as good as them.... perhaps.... This next one is a delicate waif like young lady, still in 2B but on larger paper than the others. This is one from my A3 sketch book. One day I will paint her.

Another from the A3 book. This next one is partially coloured to accentuate
certain points. I colourised her eyes and lips to accentuate her beauty,
and the energy around her to show the "halo" effect.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your little glimpse of me. There is much more, but obviously I cant put them all up as this is supposed to be a scrapping blog LOL. Besides, I am stil supposed to be sorting out that mess in the dining area that my scrapping has taken over hehehehehehehe
I will try to put some more up another day for you though.
Back to the sorting, actually Im not going too badly doing it, I really thought it would take a lot longer than it is. I thought it would be much harder too. I wonder if Ive put some more things somewhere else and forgotten where they are....shhhhhh......I hope thats not what has hapenned ROFLMAO ohhmaaaaaaa now that could be hard to explain if I need a second cupboard for them LOL. I am also intending to share the pics of it, just for you, cos it might inspire you LOL

Hope you are all having a wonderful day,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Artwork

Hi all, I know this isnt scrapping, but I just wanted to share with you a sample of my pencil sketches, as I sometimes get the urge to draw instead of scrap LOL.Besides, Ive been doing the drawings for a much longer time. My favourite medium to work with is a 2B pencil, but I do occasionally add a little colour to the eyes etc, or a lot of colour just for a change LOL. I tend to do a lot of angelic
I do have a few ideas in my mind revolving around some illustrations for a childrens book I have written that I want published in the not too distant future, and I felt like you guys are the ones that I feel confident in sharing these ideas with LOL. So this will come later.
But for now, I would like to share a few sketches, just cos that is all I have to show you LOL
This first one is my latest, I only drew it a few nights ago actually, Im just a little bit rusty, and the shading hasnt shown up as much as it should have. But I still like it... it is on white sketch paper by the way, I have no idea why it shows up looking more grey LOL

And now, after much searching I realise the file with my other sketches in it hasnt been put back on the computer after reformatting the hard drive after that evil virus was eating up all our space ROFL sooooo it will have to wait. Its a good thing I know you will come back isnt it LOL
ok, thats all for now, I dont want to burn the spaghetti...... hugssssss
catch you laters..... xoxoxox

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello From Me

Im sorry I havent posted for a week now, that is shocking isnt it! I have had a very busy week with a migraine at the start of it and a few other problems there to annoy me as well. LOL. I also had a fantastic afternoon babysitting my grandchilluns on Sat. Thankfully my middle son had free time, so he came up to visit with me. Scott is landscaping his yard and Jules was out on a shopping expedition with a girlfriend, so they had asked me to come up and watch the chilluns for Scott so he could get dirty with the cement etc and not worry. We had a fantastic time, and I am very thankful for Ash coming up with me, as its very hard being in two places at once when you are still feeling a little weak (to say the least). It was an absolute pleasure though, and I forgot my camera so I have a few pretties on my phone. I still need to check how good they worked out, being a lesser pixels etc though, LOL.
I will have to share them later as for some reason this Blogger isnt working properly this morning. I have no way of changing the font, colour or adding pictures..... "sob sob"

I also have a wonderful page to show you, but that still has to wait and... Im teasing now arent I heheheheee. No, I will be nice and go put it on the Tear Bears website gallery for you. But you will have to wait for what I really wanted to do this morning, since pictures arent able to be uploaded to my blog today for some reason.
What I had planned for today was to share with you a small array of my own sketching, which is not scrapbook sketches, but artistic sketching with pencils as I am also an artist. I had finally built the courage to share some of my favourites with you, and alas, no photo adding section to be found. I have still got to work out if its my site only or if the blogger site has a problem today. Hope its them, cos it will be fixed much easier then if it is their problem ROFL
Allright, enough waffles for now, Im off to have brekky and answer emails and check out my favourite forum LOL
hugsssssssssss for all that stop by, and I promise I will try to get it working as soon as I can.
Lots a love, Julie.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Just a little quicky...

Well my darlins, I came on to the computer, with every intention of writing a nice happy nutty little entry for you. But somewhere between turning it on, quickly peeking at the emails, the other blogs, the Tear Bears Forum and now - Ive started getting nice pretty flashes around my head, and a little pain starting to throb in the temple. Soooooooooo I now have stuffed 2 Panadeine fortes down me, nibbling on crackers to keep the nausea at bay and am trying not to look at the screen while I type a quick message up for you all so you dont think I forgot about the blog already ROFL. So forgive me if I havent written any cheek on your blog today, I did get to peek at some though.
Before I leave you behind and go and pretend to die in the quiet of my darkened bedroom, I want to share with you this layout I have done.
I am working on a wedding album of my favourites. Yes its only been 3 and a half years, but I couldnt scrap then. Im not doing all 200 of the photos up LOL just my favourites. I love this one in particular. Its out in my parents front garden, and we managed to get all the photos taken before it started to rain too!

I used DCWV Once Upon a Time cardstock, I will be using these papers for all of the wedding photos for this album. I loved it so much I bought 2 big lots of them.
I also used 2 pieces of matching cardstock to matt the photo,
Dimensional Magic for a slight mosaic effect and copper look photo mounts

Anyway, I now need to decide if I need to lay down with this headache or if I can entertian myself quietly with some scrapping. Hope you are all inside out of the heat, as I will be tomorrow.
(We are expecting 43 in Adelaide tomorrow, which means it could reach 48 where we are, out on the flats.....eeeeeeeekkkkkkk)

Love and hugssssssssssssssssssss

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Este Blog Investe e acredita na...

Taking a big bow....giggles.....

Thankyou to the wonderful Tracey, for this highly esteemed award!

This is called The Proximity Award."These blogs invest and believe in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers, who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

And now I must find 8 to give it to, eeeeekkkkkkkkkk!
Here goes.....

Ok off to organize some food before I starve to death ROFL
then I shall try to play with some piccies, cos I want to scrap something.
tata for now

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Personal Challenge

Hi Girls,
Just a little one today, I had set myself a personal challenge, I had this absolutely adorable photo of my darlin grand daughter, and it is so full of detail and pretty in itself, that I decided it only needed a simple layout to set it off. So, I wanted a simple layout that would also be quick, and since Nat inspired me with her 20 minute one a while ago, I decided I wanted to get it done in less than half hour at least. I love how it turned out too, and yes, it did take less than half hour, hubby stopped me and talked for a good ten minutes in there, and it took me 33 minutes with the talking, so I figures it is close to 20 minutes too! YAYYYYYY
I used plain cardstock, 2 pieces of embossed card, a spotted ribbon, diecut stars and a diecut heart in embossed paper, and a title in hard plastic. I love the end effect, exactly what I had wanted for it!

Hope you like it, Thanks for looking, sorry its not a witty post today, but its still morning ROFL Thats my excuse and Im sticking to it....hehehehe

Be back tomorrow, no time to scrap today, got lots of running aoround to the car.... ROFL

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally, I have pictures!

Hello again, yep, I finally have some pictures to put up!
Happy happy joy joy LOL. They would have been up earlier in the day, but my concentration hasnt been working well today. Ive been harassed by an insane cat today, every time I think its safe she starts tearing around the house again. All I can think is that perhaps she doesnt like the bang bang bang of the neighbours hammer. Hey, I cant say I like it either to be honest ROFL hmmmmmm Can I do a "Maxwells Silver Hammer" on him? Just kidding, hes a nice old thing, he just starts working and banging his hammer too often at 6.30am. Plus, if he doesnt teach his wife how to open their car without setting off the alarm on it nearly every time she goes to it *L* arghhhhhhh..... Enough whinging...oh maybe just one more sentence.....He has a veggie patch that extends from back to front, so he is always out there watering (yes in a drought) and banging in stakes etc. Yep, thats enough now LOL, Thankyou for letting me get that out of my system! It does so block the creativity doesnt it when we are stressed? Any answers other than a nap? *L*

Now, before I forget again, I was supposed to do this yesterday! I want to thank the wonderfully talented Kirsti for making up the Blog header picture for me! Isnt it gorgeous??? So THANKYOU beautiful Kirsti, you are a wonderful girl! hugsssssssssssss While Im thanking people, I also want to thank Janine for the Blog award, what a sweety she is too...HUGSSSSS

While the computer was sick, I did finally break my mojos lazy spell, and do some work! YAYYY.
Tracey from Tear Bears site had set a challenge for us to make a layout in the colours Red and Teal, with layers, and lots of flowers.

Initially I did the layout as a simple style - Teal cardstock, with 3 different pps by DCWV with gorgeous flowers all over and I inked around the edges. I then backed the photo of my darlin granddaughter sleeping, and made a label titled "Sweet Dreams"

I loved it like this, but thought it was more to the challenge with more flowers on it, so I got carried away ROFL I was still happy with the finished product though.

I also added a couple of my experimental gold embossed butterflies.

Ive never done embossing with a heat tool before, only a few with the toaster, so I was very pleased with the butterflies and decided they had to go on my granddaughters page too LOL.
Do I talk to much? *giggles* Ok I will leave it at that, cos I can smell the garlic bread, which means its ready! Yummy, Lasagne and garlic bread....
I hope you all had a wonderful day, and I will talk to you again tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Isnt it nap time yet?

Hi Girls!
Well, after much fuss, lots of sighs, a bit of swearing, and probably half a pack of smokes, hubby got the virus out of the computer, all fixed and put everything back together again, well most of it anyway! LOL We are not quite back to normal yet, cos number 2 son still has to install Photoshop back in for me so I can play with my photos and show you what I have done! LOL

One of the Christmas presents I was given is a heat tool and I have had fun playing with it practicing. It is so much easier than walking over to the toaster trying not to spill the powder *L*
Also the added advantage of not burning my fingers is pretty wonderful too actually LOL

I then played with Traceys challenge with the red and teal, which I am very happy with, and put a couple of embossed butterflies on it to finish.
I will hopefully be able to show you this tomorrow, so be patient *giggles*
Thats it for now, I think I seriously do need a little nap, my brains falling out of my head *giggles*
Until tomorrow......

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Computer Virus

Hi my darlins, Im just posting a very quick message, just so you dont panic if you wonder why someone who talks so much suddenly doesnt come on to the blog ROFL
Its basically cos the computer has a worm, it is eating up the hard drive at the pace of 3 gig an hour, so I have only a short time to back stuff up again and change passwords to something easy I will remember.
Cos Firefox normally remembers them all for me mwahahahahaaa

Ok, off I go, I will try to keep my mind distracted from no computer by scrapping *giggles* YEAH a good excuse to scrap all night...
Hope its only a few days at the most, not a week........eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk nooooooooo
Talk to you soon, I hope,
Be good girls while Im gone and do lots of scrapping! ok? giggles

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!

Hi Girls,
Hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve whatever you did!
Sorry this is late *L* I know, it should have been here earlier, but we were out most of New Years day and yesterday I kept thinking "Ill just do this first....." then before I knew it my eyes were falling out of my head ROFL
So today, you are sharing my coffee and yoghurt with me *giggles*We went up to babysit the grandkids for New Years Eve, first time ever that work commitments let hubby stay over too, so with us both sleeping over, Scott and Jules could stay out as late as they liked, and both drink, cos we were there to be woken up at 6.45am (eeeeekkkkkkkk) and they could sleep in as long as they needed to. They hadnt done that since bubs no 2 had been born. So they loved it and got home after 3am. The dirty stopouts *ROFL*

We had a ball with the chilluns, and I took lots of photos too, which I will go through and scrap some of shortly for you all to see. Yes I will *L*
The camera is sitting here waiting for me to upload them, I will do that shortly. Especially since I want to at least put one with fireworks up too *L*
Im still catching up on the sleep for the year since the neighbours down the hill had a party, and I could still hear them at 5am, so I didnt sleep well at all. Actually they never stopped, they stil had the music going at 9am, presumably to clean up ROFL. Doesnt matter, its New years, so its ok.
Ah well, before this gets too long with all the waffles, I will post it, then work out the piccies, then perhaps I might still get to do some scrapping today! YAYYYYYYY thats if I can decide which photos to rpint up etc ROFLMAO
hugsssssssss for you all, mwahhhhhhhhhhhh mwahhhhhhhhhh