Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yayyy its Saturday!!!

Im not really cheering, it was sarcasm actually LOL Saturday is food shopping day, even though I do go a few times a week to get extra stuff and more milk.
You see, I really do love supermarket shopping, but I also hate it as it causes me a lot of physical pain with the walking and lifting, and bending etc etc LOL
But I so dont want to give up my shopping rights, i mean, its what makes a girl a girl!
isnt it? hehehehe
So I shall put up with it for longer, and keep trying to ignore the pain, and pushing it to the back of my mind for yet another day...
Besides, honestly, if I let hubby do the shopping on his day off, I reckon the trolley would get so much more chocolate in it, dont deny it Mr LOL, you know its true, yes you doooo! hehe
He does most of the housework as it is though so really I would feel guilty making him do the shopping, and then Id never get out of this house except for lunch at mum and dads on Wednesdays . Im such a recluse LOL

Ah well, I guess I should get up and get organised to do it, I just wanted to post something in here so you didnt think I was being slack. hehehe
Im still sorting out the scrapping stuff, I do have to get and do something today, at least a birthday card or two LOL Its my neices birthday tomorrow and my sisters in a few more days, so we have a birthday lunch for them on Monday. 2 cards to make, so I will at least be doing something crafty later on today or tonight whether I want to or not! hmph! so take that mr lazy bones mojo *giggles*

Alright, enough waffling and procrastinating, I swear Ive looked at everyones blogs twice LOL
Love and hugsssss

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  1. LOL....Never, ever trust a man to grocery shop on his own