About Me

I am a twice married mum of 3 grown up boys, I also have 2 gorgeous daughter-in-laws and 4 absolutely adorable grandchildren who are featured in a lot of my scrap booking. I only began scrapping early in 2008 after a few months of cardmaking for something to do and to keep my mind off my illness. I am housebound most of the time with Fibromyalgia and chronic arthritis. Scrapping helped me so very much, it saved my sanity as it was something I could do, and feel at peace while Im doing it. Many of my crafts I stopped being able to do as my FM hit me, but scrapping has been my lifesaver. So here we are, I became totally addicted to it and then further addicted to beading after a few years of it now, so I think my house is going to be a mess forever! I think thats it, maybe.... for now.....

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