Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally, I have pictures!

Hello again, yep, I finally have some pictures to put up!
Happy happy joy joy LOL. They would have been up earlier in the day, but my concentration hasnt been working well today. Ive been harassed by an insane cat today, every time I think its safe she starts tearing around the house again. All I can think is that perhaps she doesnt like the bang bang bang of the neighbours hammer. Hey, I cant say I like it either to be honest ROFL hmmmmmm Can I do a "Maxwells Silver Hammer" on him? Just kidding, hes a nice old thing, he just starts working and banging his hammer too often at 6.30am. Plus, if he doesnt teach his wife how to open their car without setting off the alarm on it nearly every time she goes to it *L* arghhhhhhh..... Enough whinging...oh maybe just one more sentence.....He has a veggie patch that extends from back to front, so he is always out there watering (yes in a drought) and banging in stakes etc. Yep, thats enough now LOL, Thankyou for letting me get that out of my system! It does so block the creativity doesnt it when we are stressed? Any answers other than a nap? *L*

Now, before I forget again, I was supposed to do this yesterday! I want to thank the wonderfully talented Kirsti for making up the Blog header picture for me! Isnt it gorgeous??? So THANKYOU beautiful Kirsti, you are a wonderful girl! hugsssssssssssss While Im thanking people, I also want to thank Janine for the Blog award, what a sweety she is too...HUGSSSSS

While the computer was sick, I did finally break my mojos lazy spell, and do some work! YAYYY.
Tracey from Tear Bears site had set a challenge for us to make a layout in the colours Red and Teal, with layers, and lots of flowers.

Initially I did the layout as a simple style - Teal cardstock, with 3 different pps by DCWV with gorgeous flowers all over and I inked around the edges. I then backed the photo of my darlin granddaughter sleeping, and made a label titled "Sweet Dreams"

I loved it like this, but thought it was more to the challenge with more flowers on it, so I got carried away ROFL I was still happy with the finished product though.

I also added a couple of my experimental gold embossed butterflies.

Ive never done embossing with a heat tool before, only a few with the toaster, so I was very pleased with the butterflies and decided they had to go on my granddaughters page too LOL.
Do I talk to much? *giggles* Ok I will leave it at that, cos I can smell the garlic bread, which means its ready! Yummy, Lasagne and garlic bread....
I hope you all had a wonderful day, and I will talk to you again tomorrow!


  1. oh Julie... you are the sweetest thing. LOL I love your gold butterflies... they are just gorgeous and the perfect touch for your page. Yep... mojo is back! :o) And you could never talk too much ahhaha

  2. Hi Julie....Love your LO...and the lovely butterflies.... Now your computer is better I shall send you a photo for the swap ... and I would love to do one for you too..

  3. This is gorgeous Julie. Love the photos, so precious. Beautiful job of the

  4. Gorgeous LO Julie you did a fab job with your new Heat gun sweet butterflies . I still use the toaster what a pain in the bum that is have to invest in one . Take care Janine xx

  5. wow, those butterflies look beautiful!

    I have never embossed! It's something I have to try this year I think!

    Great layout! all of those flowers look gorgeous!