Monday, March 2, 2009

Its Autumn finally!

A big hello to my wonderful scrapping/carding friends. It has been a while since I have been here and left a post.
I haven't been well again, but as many of us know, scrapbooking is wonderful therapy, especially as it helps me to block my mind from some of the pain, so I have still been doing some of that when I have been able to.
There has been so much going on around here, I have had many days just disappear while I played with photoshop. I have also nearly finished rearranging my scrapping area, and its still a bit of a mess, but its getting there!

Now that Autumn is here, I am hoping along with many others that the weather will cool down quite a bit. I am an Autumn person, not a Summer. LOL

Anyway, I have a few finished pages to show you, so here they are...

This is my second ever digi layout.
Its my darling granddaughter at her 3rd birthday party last December.
She adored her new baby I gave her, and carried it around for most of the party.
She knows how to make nanna happy doesnt she LOL
It seems to be taking an awful long time to upload, perhaps I should have shrunk it a bit? LOL
Ah well, I know for next time, keep something else to do while you are uploading big files or shrink them ROFL silly me......

This next one is a challenge for Ready Set Scrap.
It is a Negative space challenge by Janine from the RSS Design Team.
I absolutely love this, it would be my amongst my favourite of my own pages now.
It is my darling grandchildren, (my most photographed models LOL)
I used natural cardstocks with flecks of other shades in them, but it isnt noticeable.
The flowers are mainly Primas, along with 2 chipboard flowers and 2 chipboard hearts.
I had a lot of fun doing this, and it fell together very quickly.

The next one is also a challenge for Ready Set Scrap.
It is a Quote challenge by Shell from the RSS Design Team.
The quote being - So Happy Are The Hearts That Love You.
I enjoyed this once I finally worked out which owl to use LOL as we had to add an owl, and focus on handcutting. So I played for about a week making up lots of owl designs, finally settling on the one I used. I may use the others eventually though, why waste a weeks designing? I handcut the tree too, and shaded it and the moon with chalk.

The next one is another challenge for Ready Set Scrap.
It is a Number challenge by Nat from the RSS Design Team.
We had to use 1 large photo, 2 circles, 3 PPs 4 staples, 5 different flowers, 6 inch title, 7 crosses and 8 buttons. I sewed most of it on too, just to challenge myself with something different.
I will probably add more flowers myself, as it needs more I believe.

The last one is also a challenge for Ready Set Scrap.
It is a Colour challenge by Tracey from the RSS Design Team.
We had to do a double layout, 2 photos, 2 words in the title, 2 sentences in the journalling and main colours of red, green and pink.
I chose to use ultra bright colouring and I am very happy with the end result, except the title is a bit unclear in the photo. It says Heaven Sent.

Thanks for looking, and if you got this far, sorry it was such a long one LOL No Im not really sorry, I just said that to be polite.... hehe
I am trying to get back into a blogging habit, so wish me luck, and hope to see you again soon!
lots a love,