Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My first digi layout!

Wellllllllll I cant find my late note,
and I know Ive been a bad bad girl
for not being in here for ummm
nearly 2 weeks.....
hanging my head in shame........

Actually, its cos cos partly cos ummmm
oh yeah, cos of the heatwave we had here,
it took away all my mojo, and also
cos this room where the computer is gets quite
hot so I just couldnt think when
I got here to give you guys any cheek to read!

But, now you can be afraid cos I am BACK!!

Ok, regaining my sense of composure and sanity, at least for a
little while enough to let you know what I have been doing.

Firstly, we are rearranging the dining area, well really its my
scrap area most of the time, and occasionally I clean it up
enough for us all to eat there together. LOL

But the scrapping gives me such pleasure, its the only thing
lately that really makes my soul sing.

Thats why hubby doesnt mind at all the mess I make.
Isnt he a sweety pie?

So we made a mess in another room and emptied out one of
those 2 dr linen presses, and its now in the dining room for me.
Now Im trying to organize my stuff slowly.
Its amazing how much I have forgotten Ive bought already.
Its good to go back through it again every now and then isnt it.

When I have had time or the inclination to sit at the computer, I have been reading lots and teaching myself how to finally do the digital scrapping on photoshop.
Its a case of (for me) repeating the tasks regularly, as thats the only way it sinks in to this old cotton wool filled brain ROFLMAO
So after all this waffling,
I guess I should show you my first piece of digi work.....

So, yes that was a lot of fun!
It was for a challenge on my Ready Set Scrap Forum, and we had to only use Black, white and red. It was finished when I realised in the poor light, I had thought the spots on the black paper were white.... they are actually pale purple.... hope Im forgiven LOL

Allright, off to do some more work....
look at the dishes or something... hehehe


Just a short little extra note,
I tried to keep the sad emotions out of my blog,
so I hadnt mentioned the Victorian bushfires yet.
I just couldnt close off without mentioning it at all.

I would like to just quickly say, my heart felt thanks to the Heroes in Victoria who are trying there hardest to save as many lives as possible, and risking their lives to do it...

My heart goes out for all the burn victims who will endure many many months of pain while they are healing, sometimes even wishing they hadnt made it through the flames.... be strong... know that you survived for a reason... gentle hugsssssss

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been devastated in any way, loss of loved ones, or loss of property, even those who are just like me, in another state and just feeling all the pain...
My deepest sympathies to all of us that have been touched by this shocking disaster.

Pictures are still floating around in my head, and I wish you all
love, light and speedy healing.

Thats all for now,
I have to go at least think about
some scrapping on my list LOL

lotsa love


  1. this is so cute...look at the photo..too cute!!!

  2. Awesome first digi Julie. Clever girl you!...xxx

  3. Great first attemt at digi..Well done

  4. Hi Julie, I'm a complete stranger but just wanted to pop on over and mention how much I can relate to this recent post. As a fellow aussie living in Bendigo Vic, the heat has been unbearable and the dry conditions a nightmare. The bush fires also destroyed quite a large area near us and we lost 57 homes and one life, tragic circumstances all round. I also wanted to comment on your first digi LO and say well done and congrats, you have done a great job. I've been a scrapper for years now and started out paper scrapping for many years and then found digi some 3 years ago. I have been on design and creative teams and right now I actually CT for an online US digi magazine....which is just awesome. I look forward to seeing more LO's....at least I hope you won't just stop at one. Hugs Chris!