Monday, January 12, 2009

Just a little quicky...

Well my darlins, I came on to the computer, with every intention of writing a nice happy nutty little entry for you. But somewhere between turning it on, quickly peeking at the emails, the other blogs, the Tear Bears Forum and now - Ive started getting nice pretty flashes around my head, and a little pain starting to throb in the temple. Soooooooooo I now have stuffed 2 Panadeine fortes down me, nibbling on crackers to keep the nausea at bay and am trying not to look at the screen while I type a quick message up for you all so you dont think I forgot about the blog already ROFL. So forgive me if I havent written any cheek on your blog today, I did get to peek at some though.
Before I leave you behind and go and pretend to die in the quiet of my darkened bedroom, I want to share with you this layout I have done.
I am working on a wedding album of my favourites. Yes its only been 3 and a half years, but I couldnt scrap then. Im not doing all 200 of the photos up LOL just my favourites. I love this one in particular. Its out in my parents front garden, and we managed to get all the photos taken before it started to rain too!

I used DCWV Once Upon a Time cardstock, I will be using these papers for all of the wedding photos for this album. I loved it so much I bought 2 big lots of them.
I also used 2 pieces of matching cardstock to matt the photo,
Dimensional Magic for a slight mosaic effect and copper look photo mounts

Anyway, I now need to decide if I need to lay down with this headache or if I can entertian myself quietly with some scrapping. Hope you are all inside out of the heat, as I will be tomorrow.
(We are expecting 43 in Adelaide tomorrow, which means it could reach 48 where we are, out on the flats.....eeeeeeeekkkkkkk)

Love and hugssssssssssssssssssss


  1. This is a gorgeous LO Julie and that photo is just adorable.
    Hope your head feels better soon hon!

  2. Geeze Louise 48??? What the heck are u doing living there anyways??!! CRAY-ZAY!!! ROFL. Hope your head is not giving you too much grief .. I know how debilitating migraines can be. Oh and I expect a nice, happy, nutty entry next time ok?? hahahahaha!! Later ;)

  3. ohhh I hope ya heads feeling better darlin! and OMG did you really say 48????????
    wanna come to Perth, we got a glorious 27 for tomorow - wahoooooo
    sorry didnt mean to rub that in!
    luuuurve your wedding album so far
    now go lay down and get ridda that headache
    luv Nat xx

  4. this is gorgeous...hope your head is ok now...oh no...hope today hasn't been too hot for you....keep it dark.... take

  5. I have a small present for you on my blog!