Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!

Hi Girls,
Hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve whatever you did!
Sorry this is late *L* I know, it should have been here earlier, but we were out most of New Years day and yesterday I kept thinking "Ill just do this first....." then before I knew it my eyes were falling out of my head ROFL
So today, you are sharing my coffee and yoghurt with me *giggles*We went up to babysit the grandkids for New Years Eve, first time ever that work commitments let hubby stay over too, so with us both sleeping over, Scott and Jules could stay out as late as they liked, and both drink, cos we were there to be woken up at 6.45am (eeeeekkkkkkkk) and they could sleep in as long as they needed to. They hadnt done that since bubs no 2 had been born. So they loved it and got home after 3am. The dirty stopouts *ROFL*

We had a ball with the chilluns, and I took lots of photos too, which I will go through and scrap some of shortly for you all to see. Yes I will *L*
The camera is sitting here waiting for me to upload them, I will do that shortly. Especially since I want to at least put one with fireworks up too *L*
Im still catching up on the sleep for the year since the neighbours down the hill had a party, and I could still hear them at 5am, so I didnt sleep well at all. Actually they never stopped, they stil had the music going at 9am, presumably to clean up ROFL. Doesnt matter, its New years, so its ok.
Ah well, before this gets too long with all the waffles, I will post it, then work out the piccies, then perhaps I might still get to do some scrapping today! YAYYYYYYY thats if I can decide which photos to rpint up etc ROFLMAO
hugsssssssss for you all, mwahhhhhhhhhhhh mwahhhhhhhhhh

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  1. very cool Julie, love your blog i'll add it to my ever growing list of blogs to visit.