Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy Busy as a Bee!

Ive been spending the last few days hopping from one thing to another and trying not to do a million things at once. It seems I just cant help myself though.
I keep going off and looking at other blogs, it seems there are so many of us clever girls out there and Im so glad that there are others that waffle on and on, and love to share their ideas around. :-)
So I have found some really cute ideas, and I will be sharing them soon, but would prefer to try some of them first before sharing them, especially since there is only a couple of weeks before I have my Carpal Tunnel operation done, and then I wont be able to do any craft things for a few weeks, so I must make sure I get lots done now. I also will need to get a few birthday cards done in this next week or two as there are 4 birthdays in July in our family.
So thats all for now, I have to keep doing this secret other thing Im doing for now, and cant share it yet or I will have to chop you up and flush you down the toilet or something like that... heehehehehee
Have a great day!

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