Friday, June 14, 2013

Welcome Back To Me!

Well, I am pleased to see this Blog is still here since I have neglected it for ummmm *cough cough* a little while. I think roughly 4 years, which is too long in my personal opinion; but I have been in a different space for a while, which is a good enough reason. We all need to step back and question ourselves sometimes.

I will be changing the title up there from Julies Scrapping Place, to Julies Crafting Space, or something like that.... I am open to suggestions, as long as you aren't nasty, feel free to comment. hehehehe

As some of my friends know, my illness took over for a little while, we moved house and I lost so many of my craft things that seem to have been eaten up by the massive shed we have here; and I'm not able to go through it and find things without help - and I do mean major help.  I have surrounded myself with so many different things to do though now, that I have become overwhelmed by it all at times.  My creative energy just sits and looks at things planning what would be nice to do, and never seems to get there! So I have decided to make myself become accountable for what I am wanting to do. Not to anyone in particular, just accountable to myself really, and my Blog.
This means, I will put my ideas here, and make sure I do them!
In the last few years I also started beading, and I do enjoy that very much, so much that it has taken over from my scrapbooking in the last few years. An assortment of gorgeous papers sit forlorn and forgotten in their own cupboard, only being touched when I want to make a birthday card. Don't get me wrong, I have made many of these cards, (will put some photos up when I work out how to make those little category thingies) and I cannot tell myself off for being slow when I struggle to walk back to the cupboards if and when I've forgotten something now can I?

The hard part is, Im fighting with accepting and sharing my life with a few health issues that threaten my desire to exist sometimes. (A bit melodramatic, I know...) But for anyone who has been there or is there, its really quite true; yes we can and do feel like that!
Amongst other things, I have chronic fibromyalgia; which literally makes me feel like I've been hit by a bus a lot of the time, often for days and weeks at a time; similar to having a bad case of the flu for the past few years. I am unfortunately not one of the lucky ones that can still work with it either, some days I struggle to do the most basic of things, housework is next to impossible and most things are done from sitting position. That on top of chronic arthritis in most of my body and DDD in most of my spine, (basically my discs are degenerating and my back is roughly 30 years older than I am) and a lower back that screams at me with pinched nerves running up and down my legs and a big cannonball hitting the centre of my back if I dare to stand up or walk (even aided with a walking frame) for more than a few minutes at a time!  Then throw in chronic fatigue which means I can sleep for a few days in a row; but I still have to keep getting up for medications, food and insulin as I'm also diabetic - just to complicate things even more. I'm sure there is more, (in fact I know there is, but we don't want this turning into a dull, boring, negative post), so I am leaving it there as I'm sure you get the picture! ;-)

So, from here I plan to start focussing more on one or two things at a time and actually finishing things! Im sick of having so many things on the go that I cant decide which to do, it makes me look and feel like even more of a hoarder than I am, and everything ends up being not completed. That is partly what gets so overwhelming you know, too many things started and not finished, so I need to box some up in an organised manner so I can find them easily when I want to go back to them - we all need to do it sometime, I'm sure.

I now solemnly promise to myself that I WILL get things done, cos the kids wont appreciate having to sort out my beads if I die, will they, especially since they are boys.... hahaha.  Aaah but what fun it would be to watch those poor tormented boys sorting it out if it happens hey, hahahaha!  No, they will just more likely throw it all away, hopefully they would think to at least donate, not throw though, not realising there is most likely a few thousand dollars there. So I must do it, sort, use, share and sell off what I don't want or what is in excess. Yes, that sounds like a good plan of action to me.  Besides, if I sell some of the excess off nice and cheap, I will have more money to spend on more bits and pieces.... ohhhhh, now THAT dangles a carrot of temptation in front of me doesn't it.

Actually I do have a good plan of action going with doing just that sharing, sorting etc, its a Facebook page that is not quite ready for publication, so I will share it with you shortly.  But for now, I want to share this awesome Blog I have found in my travels...  She is the inspiration that reminded me to start waffling on my Blog again, honestly she is, so a big Thankyou to you Karen. :-)
A true inspiration for lots of us, and I've sat many an hour and just read, giggled and read more of her posts. I hope you enjoy her too!

That is it for now, and I'm sure I will be back in a few days!
Love and hugssss

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