Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some Awesome Artists to Inspire us!

Just realised I hadnt posted this, haha
I did write it on the 5th July... oops!

As many of my friends know, I am an artist. I also love many other artists work that I happen to find along my travels on Facebook etc.
So not in any particular order, I have found some special ones in the last couple of days that I would love to share.

Firstly, IRIS GRACE! This little darling will be famous and a name in history if she wants to be. This absolutely awe inspiring young girl that is being shared around facebook at the moment! She is a cute little 3 year old who happens to also be Autistic. She cannot communicate verbally, but has taken to a paint brush like a Master! Her work is so beautiful, and I ask that you go see her website

She can also be found on Facebook, or should say her devoted mothers hard work page can be found, and her artwork is for sale to raise funds for Autism Awareness and for her own medical help.
Her Facebook page is here.

A surrealist fantasy artist. I really love his work too, it would be similar to what I would do if I was able to do it of course :-)

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